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2021 Programme: Text

VOICES 2021 Programme

APEC Voices of the Future will take place in New Zealand on Tuesday 9th November and Wednesday 10th November and be broadcast globally.

Voices of the Future will be livestreamed free here: 

APEC Voices of the Future (, and people can register on Facebook or LinkedIn to watch all the action.

Four nominated delegates from New Zealand will participate in the Voices international event and the APEC CEO Summit 2021. 

Youth delegates from across the Asia-Pacific region will attend the online APEC Voices of the Future 2021. The event will be broadcast globally, with delegates hearing from high-profile speakers and having their own voices heard on the issues that matter most to the youth of today.

The 2021 programme will encapsulate four key themes: International Cooperation to Combat COVID-19, A Digital Future, A Greener Future, and A Future for All.

The programme will also give nominated delegates the opportunity to attend the virtual APEC CEO Summit 2021. The APEC CEO Summit 2021 is the most important meeting of business and government in the Asia-Pacific, where thought leaders and world business executives engage with each other and with APEC leaders to seek solutions to the biggest challenges and opportunities of our times.

2021 Programme: Team Members

International Cooperation to Combat COVID-19

This year we are all working to defeat a common enemy – COVID-19. This is a virus that is not bound by borders, so the only way to defeat it is for us to work together.

Voices 2021 Programme

November 2021

Tuesday 9 November

In the morning, delegates will learn about APEC, ABAC and the themes for APEC 2021. They'll hear from a range of business and government thought leaders, and have opportunities to ask questions and discuss themes. In the afternoon, delegates from around the Asia-Pacific will meet online for the first main session of the international event.

Wednesday 10 November

In the morning delegates will work in teams to meet and interview business and government thought leaders, then prepare their interviews for publication. In the afternoon they will again join delegates from around the Asia-Pacific in the final international session. The event will culminate in the presentation of the 2021 Youth Declaration.

Thursday 11 November

Delegates will take part in the APEC CEO Summit 2021 - hearing from APEC Leaders, business figures and thought leaders.

Friday 12 November

The final day of the Voices programme will see delegates attend the final day of the APEC CEO Summit 2021, hearing from more leaders and business figures.

2021 Programme: Schedule
2021 Programme: Text

To view the international programme and speaker line-up, go to: 

Please follow APEC 2021 on social media channels for the latest updates on APEC 2021 and any major APEC Voices of the Future 2021 announcements:





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